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Rich Tafel, Fundraising and Strategy Consultant

Rich Tafel, public policy consultantRich Tafel has spent his career providing real world strategy to world changing causes. In 2010, he founded Public Squared to offer consulting to social entrepreneurs and non-profits around the world.  

In Africa he helped coordinate a strategic response to the AIDS pandemic, while in Latin America he lead campaigns fighting discrimination.  In Mexico, Rich is a partner in Corporate Responsibility Partners, providing consulting to Fortune 100 companies seeking to improve employee health and wellness.  In the United States, he has offered strategy to America's leading education and health care social entrepreneurs.  He is a guest lecturer at Johns Hopkins University on the Urban Health and Advocacy.

Prior to finding Public Squared, Rich was the founding president of Log Cabin Federation, and in 1993 he founded Log Cabin Republicans and Liberty Education Forum.  The purpose was to educate the GOP on LGBT issues. Throughout the height of America's culture wars, he has appeared on most major political TV programs debating the likes of the Reverend Jerry Fallwell on Larry King Live and other opponents of equality.  He advocated on Capitol Hill for appropriate AIDS funding and equality, as well as testified before Congress on the need to support the Ryan White Care Act.

In 1999, he authored "Party Crasher: A Gay Republican Challenges Politics as Usual," (Simon & Schuster). During his tenure, Log Cabin Republicans became well known brand in American political life.

Prior to his work at Log Cabin, Rich was appointed by Governor Weld (R-MA) to manage the adolescent health programs of Massachusetts.  In the role, he was able to pioneer some of the nation's first LGBT youth outreach programs.  Inspired by his faith, he is compelled to work on justice causes; Rich is an ordained minister in the Swedenborgian Church. He is a certified coach through Franklin Covey and certified through the International Coaching Association. He's an alumnus of the Prince of Wales, Business and Sustainability Program, Cambridge College.

He serves as Chairman of the Board of Wayfarer's Chapel, Palos Verdes, CA. He's also a board member of Michigan Corp.

Rich received his B.A. from East Stroudsburg University and graduated from Harvard Divinity School.