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The Impact of Your Purpose Will Revitalize Your Brand

If you’re an independent professional, I imagine you have an “elevator speech” that is the organizing principle of your marketing brand. It consists of one to three sentences that can be delivered in 30 seconds, as if you only had someone’s attention between the lobby and the 5th floor. Even if you never attend a … Continue Reading »

Taking That Leap When You’re Still in the Dark

Today I was inspired to update and share one of my favorite and popular articles from the CCG archives…. I hope you enjoy it! Night was falling last Thursday and we couldn’t find our sweet gray and gold kitten anywhere. Sukha usually comes the minute we call, but this time I had walked the entire … Continue Reading »

Use Spacious Structure to Catalyze Your Vision

Do spaciousness and structure seem mutually incompatible to you? If you are called to increase your impact, sooner or later you’ll have to make peace with the fact that to have a broader reach, you will need a sturdier structured process to get you there. Do you have a love-hate relationship with structure and managing your time? … Continue Reading »

The Truth at the Heart of Polarization

For many of us as change agents who tend to have a preference for harmony and idealize a world without conflict, the increasing amounts of polarization we are witnessing today are distressing. Yet if we are to respect the fact that, without exception, uncomfortable challenges serve our evolution both individually and collectively, what truth and … Continue Reading »

What is Yours to Do in the Midst of So Much?

My heart aches with the increasing amounts of suffering, unmet need, and dysfunction being revealed every day around the globe. It’s painful to see how little we have evolved as a society, and eye opening to recognize that the Western World can no longer pretend to hold moral authority in so many ways. In deep … Continue Reading »