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The Truth at the Heart of Polarization

For many of us as change agents who tend to have a preference for harmony and idealize a world without conflict, the increasing amounts of polarization we are witnessing today are distressing. Yet if we are to respect the fact that, without exception, uncomfortable challenges serve our evolution both individually and collectively, what truth and … Continue Reading »

The Brain Science of Creating Change that Sustains

The practice of setting New Year’s resolutions has fallen out of favor because even with the best intentions they don’t work for very long. The force of will is a poor match to the force of instinctual behaviors, beliefs and who we take ourselves to be! The U.S. elections were discouraging for many because the … Continue Reading »

Change the Buzz of Distraction to the Flow of On-Purpose

Do you find that even when you’re clear on your purposeful goals and have created a time-balancing system that works for you, certain mission-critical projects are still not moving forward? It’s the projects that stretch us the most that often cause us to drag our feet. Is it that book you’ve been developing for the … Continue Reading »