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How to Act on a Calling That Scares You

Do you feel a calling that’s been tugging more and more strongly on your heart and soul, yet totally spooks you at the same time? It’s that funny paradox — you wouldn’t be so moved by this calling unless it did involve something bigger than what you think you can do right now. When something … Continue Reading »

Reactivity or Your Calling: What’s Driving Your Choices?

Starting when you were young and throughout your life you’ve made a significant number of life-changing choices. Some decisions were consciously made, and others were made subconsciously. “I’ll never be vulnerable in front of a group again!” “So much for asking for what I REALLY want – screw that!” “I want to be just like … Continue Reading »

Is It Resistance or Simply Not Your Path?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably felt a block to following through with something you long to do. The block might feel like fear, confusion, lethargy or overwhelm. You might even feel resentment at how much work this new direction seems to require. When you feel resistance to positive change, how do you … Continue Reading »

Boundaries: The Art of a Loving “No”

In order to fulfill the contribution you came here to make, one of the mission-critical skills you need to master is how to set boundaries with others. This is where the art of gracefully saying “No” comes in. In this world of information and opportunity overload, without clear boundaries you will find yourself honoring everyone … Continue Reading »