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Integrate Your Mission Into Your Financial Strategy

How deeply are you using your values and mission in your financial strategy? Most businesses, even those that consider themselves to be mission driven, rely on standard financial practices for budgeting and forecasting Living ForecastingTM is a powerful new paradigm which is significantly different from Conventional Forecasting. The differences are best understood by asking specific questions to … Continue Reading »

Is Your Business Aligned With Where You Are Now?

Have your business and your life felt out of synch lately? What used to bring you joy may feel like a steep uphill now. You could just push ahead, but that would simply perpetuate the mismatch. Instead, consider proactively stopping and assessing to keep your business aligned with your own natural evolution.Two areas I’d recommend … Continue Reading »

How to Plan in Times of Rapid Change

How do you plan when the pace of change keeps increasing exponentially? The traditional business practice of developing a 5-year plan has become obsolete, because paradigm-shifting technology keeps arising faster than that. But the alternative of abandoning long-term thinking generates chaos and, at best, postpones consequences. Short-term solutions have contributed to the current challenges in … Continue Reading »