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Use Spacious Structure to Catalyze Your Vision

Do spaciousness and structure seem mutually incompatible to you? If you are called to increase your impact, sooner or later you’ll have to make peace with the fact that to have a broader reach, you will need a sturdier structured process to get you there. Do you have a love-hate relationship with structure and managing your time? … Continue Reading »

Do Your Actions Align with Your Inner Truth?

You’ve heard the saying “You must be the change you want to see” and “You can’t create a new paradigm with old paradigm thinking.” What does that mean, really? And then, once we’ve shifted our thinking, how do we change our actions and priorities to embody the inner wisdom we’ve gained? Back in the 80’s … Continue Reading »

Cut a Clear Path Through Overwhelm

It’s rare these days for me to find someone who isn’t feeling overwhelmed with all the available options and demands on their time. If you’ve been feeling more and more this way, you’re not alone! The sad thing is that many people give up trying to manage the precious resource of their time, and simply … Continue Reading »

Stop Pushing When You Need to Be Sharpening

When the demands on your time start to feel overwhelming, is your natural response to start pushing to get things done and fit everything in?  It happens to nearly all of us, and the cost of that automatic response is huge. It could even be a major factor preventing you from fulfilling the mission that … Continue Reading »

How Your Beliefs Impact Your Boundaries

If you want to have a significant impact in the world, you need to be ultra clear with boundaries around your time. It’s mission critical to untangle the  relationship between your beliefs and your boundaries so you can sustain the energy and clarity you need to fulfill your vision. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself looking back … Continue Reading »

How to Build Conscious Collaboration

We can accomplish so much more together than we can alone, yet the old operating models for collaboration in organizations are not working very well any more. Many of us avoided or quit large corporations out of frustration with the hierarchies involved. Yet the opposite extreme of working on one’s own leaves many with isolation … Continue Reading »

Information Overload: The Cost and the Solution

Are you often faced with so many details and priorities that it feels impossible to sort out what to do next? You’re managing personal commitments along with self care, serving your clients and/or colleagues and trying to keep current with your industry, all while fulfilling your mission in the world. Information overload literally means that … Continue Reading »