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How to Build Conscious Collaboration

We can accomplish so much more together than we can alone, yet the old operating models for collaboration in organizations are not working very well any more. Many of us avoided or quit large corporations out of frustration with the hierarchies involved. Yet the opposite extreme of working on one’s own leaves many with isolation … Continue Reading »

Use the Outer Mirror of Reactivity to Heal Your Misaligned Parts

You already know that to make a significant difference in the world, collaborating with others will allow you to accomplish much more than you can on your own. And have you also noticed that working closely with others on projects you are passionate about sometimes brings up conflict and reactivity, no matter how sincere you … Continue Reading »

Change Begins Within the Social Entrepreneur Organization

Social change organizations should focus on creating a just organizational culture for themselves before bringing about global justice. Before social change organizations can really change the world, many of them will first need to change themselves. We need to invest the effort in creating just organizations that respect and cultivate talent. Too often social entrepreneur … Continue Reading »