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Clear Change Group Business and Leadership Coaching Clients


Our clients are entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations that are called to make a significant difference in the world.

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Our programs are for you if you are touched by a deep heartfelt calling to make a difference in the world. Financial rewards and success are not satisfying enough, because you long for greater meaning and contribution. It's time to expand your impact and contribute to the emerging paradigm shifts in the world -- to touch many more lives on individual and collective levels. Yet, the way forward is not clear.

These are the kinds of challenges our clients face and we resolve:

  • Lack of clarity
    • You don't have a clear vision of exactly how to make the difference that calls you
    • An overwhelming abundance of options leave you confused
    • Getting from where you are to where you want to be feels daunting
  • Inner conflict
    • Fears, self-doubts and stressful beliefs keep you from moving boldly forward
    • Conflicting inner agendas create a push-pull between expanding your influence and maintaining the status quo
  • Multiple priorities
    • You constantly react to external demands rather than operating proactively according to your own priorities
    • You don't have an effective way of managing all the competing priorities that matter to you
  • Lack of balance
    • It doesn't seem possible to enjoy financial success and meaningful work at the same time
    • Work/life balance seems like an unrealistic fantasy

Partial Client List:

Cognition Global Concepts
Speaking Circles International
True Purpose Institute
Amoveo Mundi (formerly Global True Purpose)
Company of Experts
Encela Technologies
Neetek Systems Integration
Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living
The Berkner Group
Beclyn Group Recruiting
Modern Organic Interiors
McWhinney Designs
Wealth Pathfinders
Blue Summit Consulting
Hayes Marketing & Communications


Success Stories:

  • A company founder was miserable after being fired by his own board. Through our work together he was able to improve his communication and anger management skills. He discovered his life purpose, and is now happily in the midst of launching a new company that expresses that deeper purpose.

  • An unfulfilled management consultant who wanted to reorient his business needed a new focus and brand identity. He uncovered his calling, developed a different line of services, and from that exploration created a new business name, logo and tagline. He then developed and executed a marketing plan that included a website, newsletter and blog. His schedule became fully booked for months ahead.

  • A minister struggled to distinguish her pastoral care program for the public. She received detailed information about her higher purpose from her trusted source of inner wisdom, and then translated that language into marketing copy that touches the soul of her intended audience.

  • An executive director of a struggling non-profit learned time management and life balance skills. With this foundation plus the addition of a business plan, she was able to bring a new level of clarity, focus, and direction to her organization.

  • An executive felt a calling to become a minister, but was torn at the thought of leaving her position. Through deep and detailed inquiry into her life purpose with her trusted source of inner guidance, she saw the way forward and developed a practical transition plan which is now in process.

  • A small business owner knew he needed to delegate more so that he could focus on opportunities to grow the business. He learned how to communicate effectively as a leader and empower his staff to take on more responsibility. He hired an office manager who started systematizing the business in a new operations manual, so that he was no longer needed to supervise on a daily basis.

  • A personal trainer with ADHD needed focus and follow-through to rebuild his practice and keep his sales pipeline full. With guidance he designed several customized systems that included the areas of time management, lead management, referral partnerships and client intake processing. With the addition of a new logo and tagline plus fresh marketing materials, his client load turned around within a few months.

  • Burnout from a high-tech career led an engineer to re-evaluate his work choices. He developed a plan to start a consulting business that expressed his expertise yet allowed him to choose his own hours and projects that reflected his deepest values. He then was in the satisfying position of turning down job offers due to the success of his business.

You are welcome to contact us for more information or to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Appointments are available by phone or Skype from our main office in Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area, California and other locations throughout the United States.