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Clear Change Group Business and Leadership Coaching and Organizational Consulting, Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area

Purpose-Based Business and Leadership Coaching
Organizational Mission Alignment

We are here to serve you if you are touched by a deep heartfelt calling to make a difference in the world, either as an individual or as an organization, but don't have the clarity, alignment and momentum you need to fulfill your mission. Ultimately, our programs are designed to increase your impact as an agent of change.

We offer several coaching, consulting and training programs, with a complimentary initial consultation to determine the best approach for your objectives. We're also happy to work with you to design a custom program to fit your needs.

For Individuals:

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Member Teleseminars:

"Audrey Seymour transformed my life. She exemplifies the radical power of coaching to change lives. Two years ago I was miserable at a startup company. My work/life balance was off, my pay was awful, and I was not living within my life's purpose. I turned to Audrey for help.

"Together, we mapped out what my perfect year would look like, to engineer a life of integrity and peak experiences. Today, thanks to Audrey's transformative work, I am now an inventor who is paid to do what I love. My peers respect me, I have ample room for spiritual reflection and travel, and I regularly meet with major companies to consult with them on invention and computers.

"I now live within my life's purpose. If you want to change your existence, I encourage you to contact Audrey without hesitation."

-- Brad Neuberg, Inventor and Software Engineer

"Beth is a true professional, and a very intuitive coach. Beth was able to keep me on track, and cut through my resistance, enabling me to get to my core passions.  Beth guided me on a transformational experience that enabled me to find my life purpose and a mission that truly inspires me to get up in the morning. Never would I have imagined that from a background of high tech and sales I’d be launching a business called Sacred Visions based on my on my passion in photography. Beth was truly a delight to work with. Thanks Beth!"

-- Ben Savoie, Professional Photographer

"Working with Audrey to clarify our values and direction has given our collective of eight members an inspiring new energy! She kept us very on track, supported us entirely and generously, to come together and take what seemed like an overwhelming job and bring it into inspiring focus. We could never have gotten there on our own. Now, we all are clear about our respective roles within our group, as well as our collective message and mission for the community."

-- Sara Harris, MFT, EarthWays Member

"I have known Beth Scanzani for many years professionally. She is a person who gives a tremendous effort in all her endeavors. She brought to our coaching session, through her calm and soothing voice, an uncanny ability to interpret disparate pieces of information, as well as highlight and clarify essential areas for exploration and action. Beth then helped me move forward with a strategy that was clear, well-stated and true to the spirit of my goal of self-discovery."
-- Andrea Costello, Managing Partner, Beclyn Group Recruiting

You are welcome to contact us for more information about our programs or to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. You will leave with new perspectives plus a clear plan of action:

  • Clarify your objectives, vision and available resources
  • Address the challenges that stop you
  • Determine your next steps of action

We look forward to connecting with you and supporting your purposeful work in the world!