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The Art of Magnetic Marketing

By Audrey Seymour

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Marketing doesn't have to be difficult. Have you been subconsciously carrying the old-style marketing model that treats potential customers like a resistant population entrenched behind walls?

That outdated model uses a combat metaphor. In that scenario your job is to vie with competitors to be the one who shouts the loudest. It's a contest of wills as you craft the best arguments to overcome objections. You are supposed to be clever enough to create an artificial need where there may not have been one before.

If this is your view of marketing, no wonder it feels like an uphill battle. No wonder you feel that you might have to roll out the hype and sell your soul in the process. It's not a surprise that so many entrepreneurs say they love their work but dislike marketing.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Ultimately, the marketing process is simply an extension of how you relate to your clients and customers in the normal course of business. Your presence and your essence serve as a magnet for those who need what you have.

This newer model can be called "magnetic marketing." The underlying premise is that if your business truly expresses your higher calling, then there is a need in the world that your services and/or products are designed to serve. Your task is simply to let those who have that need know that the perfect solution is available, and invite them in.

This does not involve any magical thinking, which can sometimes creep into "Law of Attraction" discussions. The approach of magnetic marketing is completely practical, but it does require that you are willing to take the step of making your unique gifts and creative genius visible to the world.

Instead of battling to overcome objections, why not go directly toward motivated prospects who are trying to find what you offer?

If you choose this approach to marketing, there are four main tasks before you:

  1. Clarify the mission of your business. What higher purpose does it serve? Why do people come to you and how are they changed when they use your products or services?

  2. Identify your ideal clients and customers. Which audience inspires your best work? What specific needs or desires do you feel passionate about serving?

  3. Learn the best "solution-finding" venues for your chosen audience. Where will they go looking for you to solve their problem or fulfill their desire? (E.g. a friend's referral, online, in the yellow pages, in their spiritual community or hiking club, where?)

  4. Articulate the value of your offering in these venues. Speak about it, write compelling marketing copy that appeals to your target audience, set up referral partnerships with those who serve your ideal clients, etc.

Once you understand these steps, the transformational journey of relating to prospective customers through essence rather than manipulation can begin. Expressing your calling through your business may not be easy, but it's ultimately the only road to lasting fulfillment.

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