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Connect Your Purpose to Your Customer's Heart

By Schuyler Kaye

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Schuyler KayeYou know in your heart the amazing things you can help your customer achieve... yet sometimes it seems like he/she doesn't understand the value of what you're offering.

Your purpose could be lost in translation

A long time ago in a far off place, there lived the people of ancient Egypt. Much of what we know about their culture and language today came from the discovery of the Rosetta Stone.

On this stone, there was a decree written in three languages. This stone provided the key for historians to decipher the unknown language of the ancient Egyptians.

You know what kind of customer you want to work with. You know the problem you're helping them solve. Yet sometimes the way you say it can seem like hieroglyphics to your customer.

You need a Rosetta Stone to convert what's in your heart to language your customers will understand.

Your story is your Rosetta Stone

The key to choosing the right story is aligning one of your life experiences with the core values of your ideal customer.

Step 1: Identify what customers really want. Choose something that best describes what your ideal customer values:  

  • Adventure/fun?
  • Realization of a long-standing belief/conviction?
  • Better understanding of themselves or what they want in life?
  • Love/companionship?
  • More healing, balance, happiness, peace or freedom in their lives?

Example: My customers are small business owners who want to make an impact and need to attract more customers with their online presence. Often they are trying to determine what that impact is or how to successfully fulfill it.

Step 2: Consider a story in your life where you achieved what your customer desires and use it to introduce yourself to your customers. How did you decide on the work you do or overcome the problem you help your customers solve?

Example: I'd recently broken up with the Fortune 100 Company that I worked at for 6 years and was "dating" five different business ideas concurrently... Unsuccessful at any of them because I was unable to meet the expectations of all of them, I became lost and depressed.

Having no choice, I explored my own life with reckless abandon to find a way to leave the expectations of others behind and discover my own path.

Uncovering my story revealed my purpose, and that clarity has effortlessly guided me since. Now I apply lessons learned to guide small business owners in finding a brand that feels authentic to their hearts and is effective at attracting the right customers with their online presence.

If you want your customers to connect with your purpose, you need to tell a story that can translate the hieroglyphics of your purpose into the language of your customer's heart.

Want to learn more ways story can attract more of the customers you love?

Download my free eBook titled The Power of Stories: Make connections that serve your business, fulfill your purpose, and enhance your marketing.

About Schuyler: 

Schuyler Kaye works with small business owners who want to make a difference and need to attract more customers with their online presence. He integrates his Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University with his love for stories to help his clients create websites that truly inspire their customers to take action. He loves to travel, make people laugh, and eats more green chile than is generally advisable.

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