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Marketing in the New Era

By Ryan Rigoli

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Attraction Planning — A Vision for the Future

There’s a better way.  I know there is.  In fact, I see it all the time.  We just don’t always do it in business yet.  The current way of marketing is still too dominant.  We come from a stance where the uncertainty of the future as consumers and businesses can often dictate the over-marketing, over-production and over-consumption in the present.  

We see them everywhere.  The over-abundance of advertisements that clamor for our attention.   The promotions that splash and then fizzle away.  The fear tactics that tell us to buy before it’s too late.  And in the end many of these ads end up speaking to ourselves or scaring people into buying our products.  The 80/20 rule still rules.  So much time, money and energy. 

Until we really understand how to go inward and trust our inner guidance, we will be cluttered with fear-based ads and promotions on TV, in the streets, on the internet, in all other forms of media that we invent.  That type of advertising will be everywhere until we change how we see ourselves and our connections to each other in the world. 

Just think.  What if all of that collective thought energy that was used to create all of those ads could be used to attract the right people to our services with less effort?  What if the incredibly creative and analytical power of these masterful communications specialists was put towards ensuring our companies and ourselves were in greater alignment with our core purpose, collective vision and our ideal customers?  What if all forms of media were reserved for authentic messages of inspiration while still promoting the products and services we offer?

There is a new era waiting to unfold. 

It is no longer an era of promoting or advertising our products in the traditional sense of the word.  It is no longer an era where winner takes all and only a few can play.  Instead it is an era of remembrance about who we really are.  About what we’re truly capable of co-creating and attracting to ourselves.  It is an era that recognizes that we are all uniquely gifted and have something to offer the world. 

There is no more room for competition.  Only collaboration.  We are human beings ultimately exchanging wisdom that takes the form of offerings, or products and services as we call them now.  That wisdom may come in the form of a physical good, an idea or strategy or a spiritual healing.  In essence we have all been given something to offer as individuals.  We come together collectively to co-create individually and in organizations. 

There is a way to attract the right customers to our unique offerings without excessive planning, burnout and the pollution of our planet.  We’ve just been using old marketing tactics too long to realize that the answer is right in front of us.  In fact it’s in us.  It’s the secret behind the secret, that the amplification of our intentions only happens when we are more fully aligned with and heal ourselves. 

And one of the greatest self-healing resources can occur by deeply connecting with the emotions and fears that are waiting to be released from ourselves and our companies.  It is inside these emotions that the old stories and the limiting beliefs are revealed and let go.  With this healing we gain clarity of perspective, a new narrative so to speak, that allows us to transform limiting beliefs into true possibility.  It allows us to individually and collectively create a new narrative for our planet.  The new reality we want to live in.  Our new vision for the future.

When this alignment with our true nature occurs, we create a foundation for powerful intentions to be fully realized with ease, grace and love.  Our heart-centered intentions amplify and set into motion with a power greater than anything previously imagined.  They truly create that which we collectively intend for our highest good.

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