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All resources come with our highest personal recommendation; we or our clients have used all the services listed, and have read or reviewed the posted books and websites.


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Productivity & Collaboration | Small Business | Social Entrepreneurship

Nonprofit | Purpose & Vision | Professional Development


Productivity and Collaboration

Recommended Reading

Collaboration, Project & Time Management Tools


Miscellaneous Operations

Small Business Resources

Recommended Reading

Business Resource Websites



Credit, Privacy and Security

Professional and Networking Organizations

Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Change

Recommended Reading

Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Resource Websites

Nonprofit and Low-Profit Business Resources

Recommended Reading

Nonprofit and Low-Profit Resource Websites

Life Purpose and Vision

True Purpose(tm) Life Purpose Self-Study Tools

Recommended Reading

Purpose and Vision Resource Websites

Industry Trends Research Websites

Visioning Tools

Professional Development

Business Communications Skills

Sales and Fee-Setting Training

True Purpose Coach(tm) Training

Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training

Inner Development

Attention Deficit (ADD / ADHD) Resources